The Enneagram

…is a unique model of human behavior based on ancient sacred wisdom and contemporary psychology. It uses an organic and multi-layered map of 9 personality types to reveal profound insights into the patterns of our perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving and the core motivations behind them – in other words, our personality structure.

These patterns are what we rely on to have a sense of who we are and thus to navigate our way in the world. Without self-awareness though, these patterns can keep us stuck in cycles of frustration and pain.

The Enneagram gives us language and tools for observing our personality in action – the unique way we show up in the world. This structure helps us stretch beyond the limitations of these patterns and move towards choices which nurture our personal and spiritual transformation.

As this transformation unfolds, we live with more presence, joy and compassion for self and others. The Enneagram lays outs a path which helps us naviagte this journey.

“I learned more in Marilyn’s 8 week introductory Enneagram course than I had in 5 previous years of workshops and reading on the subject! Her unique approach to the intricacies of the Enneagram, rather than just personality types, kept the class engaged and attentive. Everyone came away with personal and spiritual insights, without being required to buy a book or even take a test. Marilyn combines her depth of knowledge with openness, caring and humor to be a gifted teacher and group facilitator.”

Nan Perkins

Retired University Administrator

I am committed to using and teaching the Enneagram because it is the most powerful model of human behavior I have ever encountered for helping us understand and accept ourselves as we are as well as to awaken to our truest essence. It not only sheds light on our most basic psychological dynamics but also our deepest spiritual longings. It is a profound way of love and compassion for self which can only lead to love and compassion for others. In this way, the Enneagram truly is a path for changing the world.

As an Enneagram teacher, I have trained in both the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer, David Daniels, and Terry Saracino; the Enneagram Institute model with Russ Hudson and Michael Naylor; and the Dynamic Enneagram model with Tom Condon. I also draw upon the work of Sandra Maitri, Richard Rohr, Beatrice Chestnut, Susan Rhodes and many others for my inspiration.

I have completed training with Tom Condon to integrate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the Enneagram for my work with individuals and groups. NLP is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge of yourself and your patterns within the context of your Enneagram Type structure.

I consider myself to be a lifelong student of the Enneagram and continue to attend training events and workshops to deepen my own knowledge as well as sharpen my skills as a teacher. I not only “talk the talk,” I truly “walk the walk.” I use the Enneagram as a map to develop my own self-awareness so I can engage my life with more effectiveness, self-acceptance, and joy. I hope you will let me guide you in doing the same.

Enneagram Offerings for Groups

  • Individualized sessions to help participants prepare for a workshop or group experience
  • Small intensive study groups (6-10 people) – weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly
  • Workshops – introductory and advanced, both full-day and half-day events
  • Classes (multiple sessions) which combine didactic teaching with group sharing
  • Weekend retreats for in-depth exploration and experience
  • Staff development workshops
  • Mentoring of others using the Enneagram in their coaching and counseling practices

Enneagram event clients in North Carolina include:

Servant Leadership School, Greensboro

Greensboro College, Greensboro

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Greensboro

All Souls Cathedral, Asheville, NC

First Baptist Church of Jamestown, NC

Durham Academy, Durham NC

Bridges to Unity Institute, Greensboro

The Creative Center, Greensboro

First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro

Binkley Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

First Lutheran Church, Greensboro

First Presbyterian Church, Burlington, NC

Christ United Methodist Church, Greensboro

Dept. of Development, College of Arts & Sciences, UNCG

St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Greensboro


“Through her Enneagram retreat weekends, Marilyn engages the group community in awakening to understanding and accepting one’s true self. Her deep knowledge, experiential leadership style, and genuine heart-felt caring validate the unique spiritual journey each of us travels. I cannot thank her enough for the two retreats I’ve attended as well as the small group year-long intensives I’ve participated in.”

Dwaine Phifer, PhD

Retired School Counselor

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