Space for Conscious Living is a place where you can:

• Experience Healing and Integration through Energy Work

• Deepen Self-Awareness through the Enneagram

• Connect with Others who are Seeking Spiritual Development through The School  

Welcome to Space for Conscious Living

Are you being drawn towards a more conscious and integrated way of being? To have a deeper connection with yourself, others and the Divine Source? Would you like to balance your physical and emotional energy to live with more calmness, vitality and resilience?

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Integrative Energy Work

Through Integrative Energy work, imbalances in your energy systems are addressed so your own inherent healing power can be accessed and integrated to support your physical, emotional and spiritual balance and growth.

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Group Work with the Enneagram

At its core, the Enneagram is a system for knowing and loving ourselves. Want to discover how to use this map of personality and human behavior to deepen your relationships with yourself and others as well as for your personal and spiritual growth?

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Classes, workshops, retreats…

Deepen your spiritual lives and experience a shift in consciousness through classes, study groups, workshops, and retreats. Taught by a professional faculty with affordable sliding scale rates. The School is a great way to expand awareness in a relaxed group setting.

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Are you ready for a deeper and more awakened connection to life?


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Space for Conscious Living
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