Explore Your Essential Self

What is this Essential Self I keep talking about?

My own experience tells me it is the “You” that is …

  • Beyond your ideas of who you are — beyond personality, appearance, ego, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc.
  • Present in every moment
  • Always okay no matter what is going on around you
  • What some spiritual teachers call “the True Self” or “Essence”
  • What you are called to embrace, trust, rest in, and return home to

Where do I find this essential self?

  • In the place inside of you where the energies of mind, heart, body and spirit come together
  • In the Light within you and all around you which is connected to the Light in all living beings, and to the Source of that very Light itself
  • In the moments which make up your everyday life

“You have come here to find what you already have.”

Buddhist saying

Are you ready to meet yourself?

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