Spiritual Practices


Spiritual practices are at the very heart of our spiritual journeys. One of my favorite teachers, Cynthia Bourgeault, says they are “non-negotiable” if we want to grow spiritually, and I quite agree. My own spiritual life became more intentional, focused and enriching once I made a commitment to a regular practice. My self-awareness has expanded and my connection with the Divine Source has strengthened. But let me add that I didn’t sit down one day and Boom! there it was. It took time, trial and error, guidance, and lots of patience and determination. And as I develop and change, so does my practice.

 When we feel lost, spiritual practices point us back to our paths. If we feel depleted, they nourish us and sustain us over the long haul. If bored or distracted, they breathe new energy into our commitment to live a more awakened life. 



 One size does not fit all! There is no practice which is right for everyone, and it is important that ours are congruent with our needs, desires and even our personalities. So… Are you in need of someone to help you explore which spiritual practices might be best for you? Perhaps you already have a practice, but you’d like some help bringing more clarity, depth or discipline to it. Or maybe you’d simply like to add some new practices to what you are already doing. I can help you craft a practice which is uniquely yours. In fact, I’d love to help you do that!

 The Spiritual Practices we can explore together include:

  • Centering Prayer – a form of meditation from the mystical Christian Wisdom tradition
  • Sitting Meditation – from the Eastern traditions designed for both devotion and insight
  • Sacred Reading – use of the written word in many forms to inspire reflection
  • Chant – a form of simple singing (alone or with music) to create vibrational presence
  • Walking Meditation – the Labyrinth or your own walking routine

My own practice is greatly enhanced by gentle movement, intentional breathing and energy balancing. The guidance I offer you for your practice can include these as well.



I look forward to meeting with you to help you deepen your spiritual journey with the practices which are right for you!