Welcome to Space for Conscious Living. I’m really glad you’ve come for a visit. This page is devoted to my Individual Guidance sessions, and I’d like to tell you what I offer. I love the work I do and hope you will find something here that will be helpful to you. And of course, if you have any questions or want more information, just give me a call at 336-601-0823 or drop me an email at

Guidance with me is an individualized and collaborative process. Together, we’ll co-create a  path that is uniquely yours. I believe that people who seek personal and spiritual transformation are motivated by a deep desire to be fully integrated and grounded as well as more joyous and free. I trust that your inner Wisdom knows just what you need, and I can guide you in deepening your trust in yourself and in what you hold as greater than yourself, whatever you may call this.

“I don’t know who I really am” is something I hear many people say when we first talk about what I can do for them. The journey of uncovering what we might call our “essential self” can feel complicated, overwhelming and even scary. Without my own teacher to guide me, I wouldn’t be awakening to this inner diamond within myself the way I am now. Do you sense that there’s more to you than what you’ve discovered in therapy, self-help reading and personal growth workshops? If so, then I can serve as a guide to help you explore and awaken to this essential self within you.

In addition to developing a stronger sense of your essential self, I can help you  deepen your connection to yourself, others, and to the world. When we’re more awake to our inner-connectedness, we have more clarity about our lives and live from a place of greater self-awareness and self-love. As we realize our inter-connectedness with all of life, we find that acting in the best interest of others and the world comes naturally and from the  gratitude and compassion that lives inside us. We discover that as we feel blessed, we can’t help but want to extend this blessing to others.

Many people come to see me because they know they have something special inside of them which is longing to manifest  – but they aren’t quite sure what it is, or if they do, they’re unclear about how to call it forth in themselves and take it out into world. If this sounds familiar, we can explore your gifts and your calling for expressing them in the world. This could mean a new career path, post-retirement endeavors, pursuits in addition to the work you currently do, and ways for volunteering your talents – or maybe open doors we didn’t even know existed.

For my work in the area of spiritual transformation, I draw from my own inter-spiritual beliefs for my guidance. I can help you sort through current issues of faith and explore paths for bringing more meaning and intention to your spiritual life. I will also help you develop spiritual practices which nurture your spiritual development and relationship with that which is greater than us all. Because my clients come from many traditions or sometimes none at all, they call this God, Higher Power, Consciousness, Spirit, the Universe, etc. It doesn’t matter to me what you call this or what path you follow. I just want you to know that I don’t see my role as debating religion with you or trying to convince you of anything.

My approach is holistic, meaning I experience and view human life through the lens of mind-body-spirit oneness. Together we will tap into the inherent wisdom which your whole self offers. Guidance sessions with me can include integrative energy modalities such as Healing Touch, Somatic Experiencing, chakra balancing, conscious settling & breathing, guided visualization, and life-giving affirmations which are tied to your energy system. These modalities can involve actual touch but they do not have to.

The Enneagram is system of human personality based on ancient sacred wisdom and contemporary psychology. Through it, we can come to know and accept ourselves as we are and yet transcend the habits of personality which keep us bound up in attachments and fears. I can help you discern your Type as well as utilize the Enneagram to increase self-awareness and self-love along with greater consciousness for how you show up in the world and engage your life. The Enneagram has been an invaluable map for my journey and I hope you will give it a try for your own.

My commitment is to provide for you:

  • A safe place for you to be heard and seen
  • A person-centered approach built on respect, trust and caring
  • Respectful yet honest inquiry and feedback
  • Confidentiality about our relationship and all that you share with me

In exchange, I ask that your commitment be the willingness to ask yourself, Am I ready to…

  • Live my life with more conscious intention, attention and commitment?
  • Challenge old patterns which have me stuck and frustrated?
  • Open myself to new ways of thinking and being which may take me out of my comfort zone?
  • Trust the process of transformation even though I can’t always see where it is taking me?

Be patient toward all that is
unsolved in your heart and try to
love the questions themselves…
Live the questions now.
Perhaps you will then gradually
without noticing it, live along
some distant day into
the answer.

~Ranier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

The friend who referred me to Marilyn described her as a “velvet hammer.” I couldn’t agree more. She brings warmth, sincerity and love to her work; yet at the same time she can be quite direct in challenging individuals to grow, to see themselves with compassion, and to discover one’s God given gifts that have gone unrecognized and unexpressed. She is an invaluable coach, teacher and guide in my life.
John S.

Consultant and an Enneagram “1”

Please note:


Although I had the privilege of working in the mental health field for nearly 30 years, what I am now offering is not mental health counseling or psychotherapy. Please understand that I do not render diagnoses, advise or educate my clients about medications, respond to mental health crisis calls, or provide receipts for healthcare insurance purposes. When I believe that a client is in need of this kind of assistance, I am very candid about this, and I make referrals to mental health professionals in the community whom I trust and know are qualified.

As a guide and coach, I adhere to professional ethics which limit my confidentiality in certain situations. This can include when a client poses a danger to themselves or others; when I learn a child or elderly person is being abused; or/and, if I am legally required to provide information related to a crime.

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