The Unique Spiritual Path of Being LGBTQ+

The Unique Spiritual Path of Being LGBTQ+
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Thursday, October 12, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern Time

A 3-Session Workshop with Deana Coble

One of the most unique paths of spirituality is the lived experience of being LGBTQ+. 

This series takes a deep dive into how our awareness of our sexuality and its expression can lead us deeper into an honest and trusting relationship with Spirit/Source/God. 

Keep reading to see what we will specifically explore in each session.

Session 1 – Thur., Oct. 12: I Love You  Authentically and Always

So many times we are told – “I love you anyway.” This leaves us with an aftertaste of something being wrong with us. There is nothing wrong with us. So where do we go to feel that authentic and enduring love? We cannot wait for everyone outside of us to become aware of our value.

People are overwhelmed with concern and fear about life in general, and most people lean into their insecurities and are unavailable to themselves, much less others. And here we are clinging to the hope of external validation. We are looking for someone to love us authentically.

Self-acceptance and self-love are key to the realization of authentic love. In this session, we will take a journey into that living, active, and loving space that is a natural part of our being. Authentic love is natural to our way of being. It is available within us and all around us. It is saying to us – there is nothing to fix about you – there is nothing wrong with you. I love you always.

Session 2 – Thur., Oct. 26: Being Gay, Being God, Being

As I’ve looked for a church to attend and not have to hide I am gay, I have felt disappointed in the fire of the accepting church. It wasn’t the same as what it would feel like being accepted by my old church. Why was this such a big deal? I told myself: If they knew me and accepted me, it would make everything right! However, this didn’t happen and hasn’t happened yet.

Logically I know that the institution of religion is based on fear and control. When we are exposed to its belief structure as children, it quickly goes inside us and becomes lodged in our ways of thinking about ourselves and the world. Even though over the years, I knew inside that God or Spirit loved me, I had to ignore some of the old beliefs that would pop into my thoughts. The old beliefs would run even though I knew they weren’t logically sound.

Beliefs have a unique quality – they FEEL true. Even though they are not based on truth – they FEEL true. So how do you deal with that? EXPERIENCE!

When you experience a truth or have a lived experience of how life really is, you don’t need to believe. The experience is so real that it validates itself. Experience doesn’t require a person to believe in it. Experience is lived knowledge, and once expressed, is not called into question. It is… it just is. There is no greater peace than that which comes from our own lived experience.

In this session, we will experience our being beyond belief. Being gay is a path to Being God. You broke through societal beliefs to recognize who you are. That lived experience – that knowing – the recognition of our Being Gay – that’s what built the framework for the recognition that we are also Being God.

Session 3 – Thur., Nov. 9:  The Non-Binary God: Self-Expression is Connection to God Within

As a child I remember hearing the verse in Genesis where it says: “Male and female created he them.” I remember thinking – ah so we are both and God is both too. But somehow, in Western culture, God has been presented as a white male and an alpha heterosexual. Defining God in this manner limits the perspective of what God is and our relationship with God.

Self-expression and its many forms is God expressing the vastness of life and its many potentials. Honoring our own way of being allows our Spirit to flow more easily in our lives. Expressing our innate masculine and feminine energies is a spiritual path! Whether a person expresses as he, she or they – or expresses as masculine, feminine or androgynously – each nuance, each revelation evolves the personal self. The awareness of who and what God is evolves through self-expression.

In this final session, we will use our innate awareness of our true selves and connect deeply to our being. Our timeless being that is beyond the boundaries of gender – that evolves through self-expression – that is not separate from God and is the presence of God on this planet. God is we, God is they, God is you.

We hope you will join Deana and others in a a safe space to explore and share your experience of the unique spiritual path of being LGBTQ+.


When you register, you are automatically signed up and placed on the roster for all 3 sessions. If you are not able to attend them all, you will be able to hear Deana’s portion of the session on audio. To ensure safety and confidentiality, participants will not be recorded.


Thur., Oct. 12, Oct. 26 and Nov. 9 


7:00 – 8:30 pm, EST


On Zoom


$60 – $120. Pay what you can in this range. Please know that financial assistance is always available. To inquire about it, email us at


Deana is a member of The School faculty and generously uses her intuitive gifts from Spirit to guide individuals and small groups on the spiritual journey to Self-Love. 

To learn more about Deana, visit her website:




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