Animal Guides–Exploring Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals Through Art

Animal Guides–Exploring Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals Through Art
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Saturday, July 15, 2023
10:00 am - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

With Guest Presenter and Artist Angela Cook

Members of indigenous cultures around the world have been relying on the wisdom of animal guides for centuries.

In this workshop, you will explore YOUR personal connection with animal guides through meditation and observation.

Then through intentional mindfulness, you will learn how to call on your animal guide and how to hear its message to you.

You may be surprised and undoubtedly pleased by the meaning that unfolds.

Once you’ve connected with your animal guide, you will use a simple, 5-step process to infuse its energy into a painting that will serve as a reminder of this relationship and the guidance, protection, and wisdom it can provide.

People say, “Oh I can’t paint” and “I’m not an artist.” We promise you that no special skills or art experience is required. We’ll use stencils and templates to help you create a beautiful and unique representation of your animal guide. 

“This workshop challenged me to discover and explore characteristics I share with a special animal that now guides me to be my deepest self. Weeks later, I’m still moved by the painting I created and the messages it holds for me. Angela is a wonderful guide and teacher, and I’m sure others will get as much from this experience as I did.” – B. Fuller, Winston-Salem NC


DATE: Saturday, July 15

TIME: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Bring your own lunch. Beverages will be provided.

LOCATION: Home of Angela Cook, “Cedar Hill.” Directions will be provided to participants at a later date. 

COST: $75 – $125. Pay what you can in this range. Art supplies provided.
No one is ever turned away because of money. If you need financial assistance, please email The School at

REGISTER SOON! Participation Limited to 12 people.


As a certified creativity coach and artist, Angela offers what she calls “heART & SOUL ” workshops. These are help people to do their soul’s work using the medium of art. With degrees in biology, psychology and minors in art and religious studies, Angela serves as a creative shaman – able to move between the worlds of logic and intuition. Her background as an educator in the neuro-diverse community and the Montessori method granted her a unique insight into fostering self-awareness, creating a bridge between self-doubt and self-expression.

Angela believes creativity is more about process than product. It is about making connections: with Self, with others, and with Source. She teaches that when we are open to exploring our creativity, we are then opened to exploring ourselves and our limitless potential. Angela offers her workshops at Cedar Hill, her home in Brown Summit and wellness center where her husband practices physical therapy. You may contact Angela directly at

This is Angela’s first time teaching for The School. We are so grateful to her for sharing with us  her gifts as an artist and her passion for guiding others to express their creativity!




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