The Mystic Heart That Will Save Us

The Mystic Heart That Will Save Us

Part of my lifelong calling and current work is as a teacher. One of the ways I really love to do this is lead groups to explore and discuss books. To find the right book, first I see where my current questions are leading me and then make the assumption that other searching souls are being led in the same direction. Then I look around at the books I’ve read or want to read and see which of those will shed light on my concerns and make the assumption that they will shed light on the concerns of the other searching souls. (Lots of assuming, I know.) Then I spread all these books out on the floor, get down on my knees, dangle a crystal over them until it is spinning wildly, and then I know that’s my book. Okay, that last part is not true. But I do pull a few books out and set them on my desk so I can see them in passing. I thumb through them, read or re-read parts, put them aside, ignore them, pick them up again, set them back down, and then (I swear this part is true), one day I just know which book to use. It’s like the cover is a little brighter and the words of the title a bit clearer than the others. This method has yet to fail me.

About five or six years ago, I read The Mystic Heart by the late monk Wayne Teasdale. I knew I wanted to offer it, but it just wasn’t time. I didn’t have a firm enough grasp on his proposition. So I’ve been using other wonderful books which I think really matter for the spiritual journey. Earlier this year, and as a direct result of the election, I led two studies of books which tie spirituality together with how to survive these chaotic and scary times. They are The Powers That Be by Walter Wink and Active Hope by Joanna Macy, both of which I highly recommend. Then I let the summer go by, led two workshops on the Enneagram and another on cultivating our relationship with the Divine all while incubating the question of which book to go with next.

And then one day in late August, The Mystic Heart leapt off my desk, shouting “Pick me, pick me! It’s time!”

Teasdale’s premise is that if our venerated religious institutions want to play their part in moving human consciousness to the next level so we can stand a chance of surviving, they better get over themselves. They better come to grips with the fact that at their core, they’re not all that different. They’re all trying to answer the same questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going? These are questions which have captivated humankind long before institutional religion developed. They are questions of soul and spirit, not doctrine and dogma.

The answers to these questions can be found in the great perennial spiritual wisdom which runs like a river through the world’s religions. Each religious tributary certainly has its own direction, and that’s just fine. Teasdale nor those who inspired him are saying these have to be relinquished. What Teasdale IS saying is that the time has come for our religions to go beyond tolerance and even acceptance. To truly serve us at this critical moment in our history, our religions must find that place from which they all spring, that place where all directions to the Divine begin and end, a place Teasdale calls the “interspiritual.”

Teasdale tells us that without giving up their own particular form, our world religions must discover the mystic heart of “interspirituality” which beats in all of them. This heart reveals these core truths: We are all one, we come from the same place, we’re here to discover our true essential divine nature, and we’re headed back to the same place from which we came.

By embracing these fundamental truths, the religions of the world can come together, not to just tolerate and even accept one another, but to embrace one another like brothers and sisters separated at birth. While celebrating their individuality, these religious siblings can rejoice in their common spiritual parentage. In this blended family of “interspirituality,” the religions of the world truly can work together towards the common goals of human service grounded in a collective ethic, a shared global commitment to economic and social justice, recognition of our oneness as human beings, and the evolution of our glorious world into its next stage of higher consciousness.




What Is Space for Conscious Living?

Thanks for visiting my website. Please take a look around. I hope you’ll find something here that you’d like to explore with me. But before we get into that, I’d like to tell you how Space for Conscious Living came about.

 After nearly 30 years in the mental health profession, I began to hear a call to work with people in a different way. “What,” I asked. “I’m supposed to just drop what I’ve been doing for most of my adult life — work I deeply enjoy and can count on?” Was I being asked to give up my identity and income? I felt the rug slipping out from under me. The call was unmistakable though and it persisted, and I knew deep in my heart that I needed to pay attention.

 “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” ~Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak

 He’s right! Through a much needed discernment process, including consultation with trusted friends and my own coach and spiritual teacher, and much meditation, I realized that my life was telling me that my next role was to serve as a guide and teacher for individuals seeking their own personal and spiritual transformation. On December 30, 2014, I retired from what had been a wonderful and fruitful career and stepped with faith (and some trepidation) onto this new path. Fortunately, the knowledge and skills I had accumulated over the years are foundational for my work, but now with clients, I ask questions, mirror insights, and explore concerns of a different nature than those I did as their mental health counselor.




































































My offerings continue to grow as I do. As I encounter and experience different ways to support my own transformation, I cannot help but want to bring these to others. For details about the specifics of what I offer in my guidance sessions and how they could be what you’re looking for, please return to the Home page and see the tabs at the top.
































































































































The name of my practice, Space for Conscious Living, evolved as I began to describe to others what I felt called to offer: A collaborative process guiding people to expand their internal and external Space in which they will become more Conscious of what is happening around and within them, so they will intentionally integrate this awareness into their way of Living.
































































































































When we live from this foundation, we experience authentic congruence between who we are and how we engage our personal and professional lives. As I continue to see in my own journey, this process leads to a life infused with purpose, meaning, wisdom, compassion and joy.
































































































































 The questions which kept occurring to me during my discernment period are the same ones I now ask others to consider
































































• Are you being called to awaken to a more conscious and intentional way of living?
































































































































• Does your heart long to connect more deeply with your Essential Self, others, and the greater Source of life?
































































































































• Do you wish to discover or strengthen your unique gifts and find meaningful ways to share them in the world?
































































































































































































































































To guide others to a life of more conscious living, I offer:
































































































































  • Individual Guidance Sessions
  • Integrative Energy Wor
  • Integrative Energy Work
  • Mentoring for Helping Professionals
  • Classes, Book Studies & Retreats thriugh The School
  • Education and Guidance with the Enneagram for Individuals, Couples & Groups
































































































































Click on the individual blue links in the list above, or click on my logo at the top of the page to return to the home page where you will find tabs leading to greater details about these offerings. Plus, you’ll also see a Contact page where you can leave me a message. Or just email me at or call me at 336-601-0823.
































































































































I look forward to hearing from you soon, and discussing your needs and interests so we can explore ways I can guide you on your journey of living the life you are being called to live.
































































































































Blessings of Light & Love!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Integrative Energy Healing Work

Experience healing of Mind-Body-Spirit through Integrative Energy Modalities. These include Healing Touch, Somatic Experiencing, Heart Math, Chakra Balancing, Conscious Settling & Breathing, Guided Visualization and Life-giving Affirmations.


To learn more about how this is a part of my guidance sessions, click here:

The Enneagram: A Map for Understanding Ourselves & Others

DATE: To be announced…

This workshop is for you if you have a basic knowledge of the Enneagram, want to learn more about this fascinating system of human behavior, and wish to know how to actually use it for your personal growth.


• The dance between our personality and our essential selves
• How the Vices & Virtues of the 9 Types drive our fears & attachments but also open pathways for growth
• The constellation of the 5 Types which make up what I call our “Enneagram profile”
• How the 4 other Types in our constellation influence our Core Type as indicated by the connecting lines –  specifically the 2 Wings and the Directions of Stress and Integration


Our approach will combine basic instruction along with group participation. I like this format because it allows me to share my way of understanding the Enneagram AND allows you to share what life is like as your Type as well as hear from others what it’s like to be their Type. I’ve discovered that this is the best way for us to deepen our understanding of and compassion for ourselves and others.


No. In fact, this workshop can be very helpful for you if you are trying to determine your Type. However, if you’d like to do some exploring before the workshop, I recommend the books The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels, MD, or The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson.

Here are the two websites I recommend which offer online tests and information which can be very helpful:


FEE: $75 – $125  Pay what you want to in this range.

LOCATION:  To be determined

TO REGISTER: Not yet open but stayed tuned. If you’d like to be on my mailing list to ensure that you receive information about this workshop, please email me at marilyn@spaceforconsciousliving.

QUESTIONS?  Contact me at 336-601-0823 or visit my to Contact page and leave me a message.