Photo courtesy Gail Barger, "Into the Sea."

Photo courtesy Gail Barger, “Into the Sea.”


The greatest myths of humankind are that we are separate from…


  • our deepest and truest selves
  • other people
  • the natural world
  • the very Source of life itself


2500 years ago…


The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate upon the nature of existence, and he came to the realization that we do not exist as separate beings.

Lao Tzu, the Master of Taoism, said that to know the world, we must come to know ourselves for not only are we in the world, but the world is within us.


2000 years ago…


Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves. He did not mean love them as much as we love ourselves but to literally love them AS us for they are us and we are them.


800 years ago…


Meister Eckhart the Christian German mystic and philosopher said that the eye by which we see the Divine is the same eye by which the Divine sees us.


150 years ago…


Chief Seattle of the Suquamish people taught that we are all strands on the web of life and that whatever we do to one part of the web, we do to ourselves and to the entire web.




Quantum physics tells us that we and everything on the planet, and even the planet itself, are all made of the same stuff –the fallout from the Big Bang which can be called “stardust.”



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