“The Universe exists in a single atom.” — Dalai Lama




What do we mean by “Energy”?


Quantum physics tells us that nothing in the physical universe exists that does not first exist as energy. In other words, all matter – yes, including us! – is condensed energy which has, as we can see all around us, taken on a immensely wide variety of life forms. Surrounding all matter is a vibrant electromagnetic energy field which is highly sensitive and receptive to the energy fields surrounding everyone and everything else. This energy is constantly being exchanged.

The integrative energy work I offer is holistic which means I understand and engage human life through the lens of mind-body-spirit oneness. It’s all one system which includes the energy field which surrounds us. You can think of this energy field as a bubble which holds our physical, emotional and mental bodies. So the condition of our energy field directly impacts our physical, emotional and mental health, and our spiritual development as well. The stronger our energy field, the more we live with a sense of freedom, awareness, purpose and joy. When this is our natural state, everything changes – the way we see ourselves, how we operate in our relationships, the way we engage with the world, and our relationship with whatever is the “Source” of it all – no matter what you call this.

Sooo … doesn’t it make sense that we’d want our own energy field to be as healthy, clear and balanced as possible?

Every modality I offer I’ve experienced myself, so I can attest to the power of this kind of healing. It has deepened my understanding and experience of the interconnectedness of my own mind, body, emotions and spirit. As a result, I feel more clear in my thinking, embodied and grounded, emotionally self-regulated, and spiritually awake – all of which supports me in living with more confidence and serenity, freedom from fear and shame, resiliency, and with the pure joy of being alive – even on bad days.

Although I use the word “healing,” it is important for you to know that I am not THE healer. Through the Divine Source, we all contain within us the wisdom and power to heal ourselves. I am the facilitator of this sacred process: I set and hold the space, use my hands and intention to guide my work, offer guidance to you so you can participate, and clear out the “junk” which gets in the way of the process.

I’d love to help you access your own healing energy through these modalities:

  • Healing Touch
  • Energy Clearing and Balancing
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Heart Math
  • Conscious Settling and Breathing
  • Guided Visualizations


One Client’s Thoughts About Intergrative Energy Work:


“Marilyn and I usually divide our sessions, the first part discussing what’s happening in my life and the second devoted to energy work. Not only is she an insightful and kind guide and coach for me, she is a caring and skillful practitioner of energy work. With her guidance, I’ve discovered just how much my body holds psychological and emotional issues.  Through her integrative energy modalities, I’m experiencing the mind-body-spirit connection first-hand, and it has brought me an overall sense of relief, deeper rest, enhanced recovery and a general affirmation of my life.”  ~ B.K.



Here are some questions people often ask about integrative energy work:


Are these modalities grounded in science or medicine?

Yes. Healing Touch and Somatic Experiencing (SE) were both developed by medical professionals. The Chakra system is part of the ancient Ayurvedic medical tradition, which goes back thousands of years. HeartMath is based in research in the fields of physics, psychology and medicine. Conscious breathing and guided visualization have been used for decades in psychology and medicine for the purposes of stress reduction, relief from depression and anxiety, pain relief, increased self-esteem, and an enhanced general sense of well being.


What are the benefits of integrative energy work?

Positive benefits can include: Relaxation, stress reduction, decreased anxiety and depression, enhanced sense of well being, clarity of thought, insight into and regulation of feelings, greater felt-sense relationship with our bodies, generalized and localized pain relief, and increased spiritual awareness.


Is energy work associated with any particular spiritual belief system?

No, energy work is not associated with any particular religion or faith tradition. However, I do consider this work to be sacred because through it, we experience our oneness of not only body, mind and emptions, but also of spirit. All of who we are is part of the Divine, and all healing ultimately comes from this sacred source of life. I am just serving as a channel, guiding you to tap into your own inherent wisdom and healing.


How do I know which modalities I need?

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to know. We’ll always start by discussing what’s going on in your life which includes any physical discomfort you are having. I listen for emotional and spiritual content and distress, and I will often ask where you sense the discomfort or upset in your body.  As we talk, I discern which modalities I believe would be most effective for you. If you think that sounds right, that becomes our plan. You may find that after you’ve experienced a few sessions, you have a sense of what works best for you for certain issues, and we’ll include that in our work. Remember! It’s a collaboration.


Is actual touch involved?

While physical touch is often included, many of these modalities can be utilized at the level of your energy field without it. This involves the hands being held above the surface of your body. I find that what works best is a combination of hands-on with hands-off, but I will only do what you’re comfortable with and I will always get your permission to use touch.


Does energy work hurt?

Because energy moves through our bodies and not just around it, engaging with it can produce heat, coolness, pressure, and sometimes even soreness afterwards. But there is no massage, deep tissue touch or manual manipulation of your limbs. In all the energy work I’ve experienced myself over the years, I have experienced sensations but never pain. Sometimes I have been a little sore afterwards, but this always passes within a day or two.


How long does an energy session last?

I allow the same amount of time as I do for a guidance session which is around an hour. However, we can always schedule an extended session if desired. The cost for this is pro-rated on my set sliding scale.


Do I participate in some way or am I passive during the treatment?

Because my approach is collaborative, I think it is best for us to engage in energy work as a team. I combine silence with gentle guidance so you can participate, and I’ve found that most people like this. Participating in the session helps you learn how to be alert and yet relaxed at the same time as well as how to listen to your body – both necessary for living in the world with greater self-awareness. It is also a way for you to learn some techniques for continuing this healing on your own.


Exactly what does an energy session consist of?

First, we talk a little so I know what you’re experiencing and can get a sense of what you need. I share this information with you before we actually get started. (Please see the above question: “How do I know which modalities I need?” for more information about this.)

Then I get myself grounded with my own brief energy work which I call “energy hygiene.” Next I guide you in getting settled in your body through awareness and breathing. I invite you to set an intention or say a prayer for our session, either aloud or to yourself. Sometimes my clients and I offer a prayer we both know together, but this is your choice. Then I say a prayer of my own to ask for guidance from my Divine Source. This sounds like a lot, but it actually only take a few minutes. Next, I assess your energy field and then move into the actual healing modalities. During the session, I may ask you to breathe into a particular place in your body, visualize colors or healing light, speak aloud what you are experiencing or feel you need, and listen to or repeat affirmations after me.

When the session is complete, I let you rest a few minutes for integration. Then to let you know we are complete, I ring a chime. Afterwards, we talk about the session and what you experienced, and I also share with you what I experienced. I may also teach you some skills you can use on your own and suggest “homework” which is designed to keep the healing work moving along between sessions.


Do you play music?

Sound healing research has shown that appropriate sound enhances relaxation and helps quiet our busy minds. I offer the use of music or tones, but this is always up to you. Some people do prefer silence, and that’s just fine. We can experiment with it both ways to see which is better for you.


Do I get undressed?

No, all energy work is done with you fully dressed. However, most folks do take off their shoes and socks but even that is not necessary. Clothing does not stop the flow of energy.


Do I lay on a table?

Energy work can be done with a person sitting, laying on a massage table, or even standing. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is what we’ll do.



I do hope you will consider giving Integrative Energy a try. Everyone I’ve done this work with says it only serves to enhance the guidance I am already providing and the growth they are experiencing.

If you have any questions, go the Contact page and send me a message, or you can call me at 336-601-0823 or email me directly at Marilyn@spaceforconsciousliving.com.

I look forward to discussing this profound healing work with you!