What is Space for Conscious Living?

After nearly 30 years in the mental health profession, I began to hear a call to work with people in a different way. Through a 3-year discernment process including consultation with my own coach and teacher, I realized that my personal, professional and spiritual paths were leading me to serve as a guide and teacher for individuals seeking their own personal and spiritual transformation.

The name of my practice evolved as I began to describe to others what I felt called to offer – a collaborative process through which people can expand their internal and external space in which they can become more conscious of what is happening around and within them so they can intentionally integrate this awareness into their way of living.

As I’ve seen in my own life, this work leads us to a life infused with purpose, meaning, joy, wisdom, compassion and a sense of authentic congruence between who we are and how we show up in both our personal and professional lives.

The questions which kept occurring to me during my discernment period are the same ones I now ask others to consider:

• Are you being called to awaken to a more conscious and intentional way of living?
• Does your heart long to connect more deeply with your Essential Self, others and the greater Source of life?
• Do you wish to discover your unique gifts and find ways to share them in the world?

If so, Space for Conscious Living may be calling you.

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